Handwritten Cards for Real Estate Agents – A Complete Guide with Sample Notes!

Direct mail and send handwritten cards easily with us for better real estate sales. Replace your flyers with automated handwritten notes!

“Nothing in my career took less time, cost less money, and produced bigger results than notes.”

– Brian Buffini, Top Realtor and Real Estate Coach in the US.

In Singapore’s Real Estate market, many send flyers and direct mail, in hopes of generating leads and usually farm 1 year before the MOP of HDBs or sending them to condominiums or landed houses.

These flyers tend to lack a personal touch, and the results aren’t often ideal. Flyers’ results depend on luck. Most people would throw the flyers away. They don’t stand out well easily.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s a better way to incorporate the personal human touch with potential prospects and existing clients, to build a lasting customer base and get referrals from existing customers.

99% open rates. At LEAST a 50% engagement rate. Not tossing or crumpling it up instantly.

It’s handwritten cards, notes, and letters; as Brian Buffini, top real estate agent in the United States, recommends in all his courses.

Handwritten cards are more likely to be opened. More likely to be read and start conversations.

Handwritten cards don’t feel like hard sales. There isn’t screaming of prices nearby as the only reason why someone should sell their house.

Handwritten cards exude warmth. The warmth of the human touch.

Difficult? Doesn’t have to be, Write Brothers technology helps you send it to thousands of homes with a few clicks. You type, we write, and you delight. Just contact us easily here.

Do you remember when’s the last time you received a handwritten card? How would you feel if you were to receive one now?

These notes would boost YOUR personalization and your relationships with the buyers and sellers.

We’ve Forgotten the Age-Old Importance of Human Touch

As a realtor, you know it’s most important to develop strong connections with your clients, especially if you’re working on securing a large deal, or competing in being different in the same mailbox. Everybody loves handwritten notes, and whether you’re with Propnex, ERA Realty, Huttons, OrangeTee & Tie and more – Handwritten Notes work.

Real Estate Sales is about Relationships. And relationships are about human connection.

You know you just don’t get that with flyers easily.

Think about handwritten cards. Write Brothers could help you send them to thousands easily and affordably.

Here are some examples of Handwritten Notes for Real Estate Sales:

Prospecting: Imagine reaching out to a prospect with a handwritten card that they won’t toss away and will likely keep. It’s that memorable. Add a beautiful custom design at the back and they will keep it for years.

Add a QR code for your website testimonials or contact. They will thank you or message you even if they aren’t looking to sell just yet. People miss that human touch.

Thank You Notes: Imagine thanking each person that views a unit you are showing. Following up with them, so they would get back to you.

A deal falls through: If a deal falls through, a client can be frustrated. Send a note to console them for the deal falling through. Lay out the next steps you have in mind and set up a time to chat

Expired listings: Expired listings are the perfect opportunity to swoop in and show a frustrated seller how YOU will help them get the home sold.

Carousell Listings: Homeowners now post their homes on Carousell, Facebook and other platforms. The perfect opportunity for you to find ready sellers and convince them with sincerity that you could sell it better for them.

Closing Sales: Imagine sending congratulatory and thank you cards to closed sales – And sending annual seasonal cards so they would remember you, and better yet, refer you. Remind them that you’re always available for them.

Reviews: Imagine asking for reviews through handwritten cards. Adding a QR code makes it easy.

Happy Anniversary: If it has been a year since one of your clients moved into their home, send them a personalized note. Remind them that you’re always available and include your cell phone number again.

Handwritten cards may cost more, but it’s worth it. It’s worth it for your personal brand. It’s worth showing sincerity.

You can use handwritten notes for real estate brokers, farming prospects, new listings, and more to generate leads, spark repeat purchases, and build consumer loyalty.

Instead of dealing with simple transactions, which can have a high customer acquisition cost, relationship marketing using handwritten notes for realtors focuses on building and maintaining customer relationships over the long term.

Time-consuming? Not anymore with Write Brothers. HeyWriteBrothers.com is here to help you out with automated handwritten letters with our robots. Just message us and let’s get you started and scaled.

Check out our SAMPLE TEMPLATES here.

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