Are you looking for a way to reach out to new clients and find the ideal prospects? We can help you with this by generating new leads with our GeoProspect service. With it, you can choose your specific target location based on demographics, housing estates & more and we’ll do the rest. Property agents, financial advisors & service businesses; this is highly recommended. Handwritten cards have up to 10x effectiveness and engagement compared to flyers.

How GeoProspect works

GeoProspect is a marketing platform that utilises unique, smart QR analytics to pinpoint demographics who may be suited to your product, tapping on the 99% open rate and 49% click through rate our handwritten cards bring. Through this, GeoProspect allows you to share recent happenings with your prospective customers 4-10 times a year, providing you with quality access and engagement to more potential customers.

Make your customers hot on the heels of your brand with a proven, personalised geo-targeting system developed for today’s savvy consumer. 

GeoProspect was developed to build awareness to clientele in specific demographic areas. So whether you are searching for new prospects, or just looking to increase your market share, GeoProspect can help you achieve your goals.


A better way to prospect new customers as compared to flyers.

Written Card w/ Mailing

$1.35-$2.20 per card,
depending on order size

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